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We are pleased to announce the RL x Laura Hyde Foundation collection. Recently, we have seen our incredible National Health Service step up to the monumental challenge of supporting those in need during the current health crisis. To the entire country, including here at RL, this has not gone unnoticed. 

We want to be able to affect change in a real way and bring awareness to an amazing foundation, The Laura Hyde Foundation, which works to support and provide a number of mental health services and wellbeing services for our frontline health care and emergency service individuals who are not only risking their lives on a daily basis but their mental health. They are repeatedly exposed to traumatic situations and with little or no bespoke support available, their wellbeing is at significant risk.

They do this by ensuring that they have access to the best mental health support network available, offering practical support and following up on every individual’s progress.

We as a nation simply can’t overlook how this crisis will affect the incredible people that are putting their lives and mental health at constant risk for us. We need to support them as they are supporting us as a society. We need to truly support our NHS. 

To strive for this, we are releasing Two T-shirts, with all proceeds from sales to be donated to The Laura Hyde Foundation. 

The long-sleeve cotton t-shirt, coming in either white or red, featuring a custom-designed ‘RL FC’ crest print with the Laura Hyde Foundation logo as well as the NHS logo in the middle. “Support our NHS” with the number 20 print, is featured on the back. 

The short-sleeve cotton t-shirt, coming in either white, navy or black, featuring a grime style virus molecule getting knocked out by a boxer with a globe as a head wearing a facemask.

The proceeds will be used to increase The Laura Hyde Foundation’s capacity to provide support, including: 

  • A clinically supervised 24 hour mental health support line for all medical and emergency services personnel 
  • The appointment of Mental Health First Aiders in each trust and place of work 
  • The appointment of a mental health champion at each workplace 
  • The implementation of a formal documented mental health and wellbeing policy with adequate signposting to staff in each hospital trust 
  • Fast track counselling referrals for healthcare and emergency services workers Training for all managers/supervisors in mental health support

More information can also be found at www.laurahydefoundation.org

Facebook: LauraHydeFoundation 

Instagram: @thelaurahydefoundation

Twitter: @lhfoundation


We really appreciate your support of this cause during this time. Let’s do what we can in supporting the mental health of our nurses, doctors and paramedics and care for those that care for us.

Thank you.