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We have put together a collection of Spotify playlists. At a time, where we are not able to share music and dance in clubs, we still feel it is critical to share new music and keep the scene bubbling. We have put together spotify playlists comprising of our favour dance, electric & ambient tunes, hip-hop, grime and R&B, as well as a Rhythm Labs Records playlist.

The dance music Spotify playlists spanning across House, Disco, garage, breakbeat and ambient. This playlist is featuring the likes of house music legends and godfathers Frankie Knuckles and Larry Heard to some of the most in-demand producers in recent years such as Mall Grab, Bicep, MCDE and Black Madonna as well as some tracks which have come out on Rhythm Labs Records including Provhat Rahmans Pedal.

This time we have put together a collection of their favourite songs to come out of the UK across Hip-hop, Grime and R&B. With the UK scene being at the strongest its ever been and gaining global recognition, we have decided to share some of the tracks which have been instrumental to the growth and development of the scene as well as songs from artists who we expect big things from in the coming years.